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How to translate my documents?


At ATL we provide a fee structure for your quote based on the number of English words in your document.


• Documents with less than 200 English words (e.g. Birth/Marriage/Death certificates) have a fixed fee of $97.00 (incl. GST).
• For files with more than 200 English words, you will need to request a translation to receive your quote


We require a copy of the document you wish to translate so we can provide you with a definitive quote. If you know the word count of your document(s), we can provide you with a quote based on your estimate.

Our team of NAATI translators have extensive experience with document translations for immigration, education or business translations. Our translator service is aimed at individuals, Australian businesses, large firms and government bodies. With over 150 major corporate clients and hundreds of private and corporate documents translated monthly, we can translate your document(s) to the NAATI accreditation standards. You can find out more about NAATI translators and the required certifications for immigration, study and work in Australia by clicking here.


We specialize in quality services across Australia. Our extensive experience and quality assurance is what really sets us apart from the rest. ATL’s NAATI accredited professionals can translate your documents from Chinese , Korean , Arabic and over 100 other languages.



NAATI Translator Services you can trust


Each one of our translation requests go through a rigorous quality control process. We make sure every request it is done to the highest quality standards in the industry. We are very demanding when it comes to our professional translators, and all of them have extensive experience in translating for legal, medical and business sectors. Contact us today to get a free quote for your translation.


50 years’ experience


If you’re looking to translate documents for immigration, work or education, don’t take any chances on the quality of the work. Here at ATL, we process hundreds of translated reports and certificates every month and we make sure every client walks away with a document translation they can trust. Our language agency is among the oldest in Australia, so you can be confident in our language professionals.


Translating with a Fast Turnaround


With ATL you can be sure that our NAATI translators will translate your documents on time. We are flexible with our clients’ deadlines and can work with urgent requests if required. We will always send you your translation as soon as it is complete. Once our we are finished translating your documents, we can send them by mail, post or you can pick them up at our Sydney office (Unit 1, Level 5, 72 Pitt Street).


  • Certificate and Report translations take 4 to 5 working days
  • Urgent requests are available


Professional Service and Reliable NAATI Translators


We love what we do, which is why our team is 100% dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible experience and service. We work hard to fully satisfy all our clients, see what our clients had to say about our services.




If you would like to view the details of :

• Schedule of fees
• Terms and conditions
• Policy and cancellation
• Undertaking


Ask for a copy of ATL’s Information Client Booklet here.


Please note that the Schedule of Fees lists the charges for the translation of documents and the provision of Affidavits as well as fees for checking translations, typesetting and proof-reading. It is a good source of general information if you wish to translate a document but if you have any specific queries it may be best to contact the Translations Coordinator by calling (02) 9231 3288 or e-mailing