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Australia’s best service provider of NAATI Certified Interpreter and Translator


At Associated Translators & Linguists we specialize in quality language services. For every translation or interpreting service requested by our clients, ATL’s team will match it with the best NAATI certified interpreter or NAATI certified translator for the job based on their personal skills and experience. Unlike most language agencies, ATL’s unique panel of language experts allows our coordinators to deal with urgent bookings and rare languages & dialects. Our coordinators can find an interpreter for a teleconference within the hour, with no urgency fees. We go the extra mile to find rare language and emerging dialects interpreters through our network of local communities.



NAATI Interpreting



Document Translations


  • Document translations from a translator with the NAATI certification
  • Other services (including: translations checking services, typesetting and proof-reading services)
  • Assistance with multilingual pamphlets, books, portfolios and websites
  • Auslan/English translations


ATL’s unique panel of professional contains dedicated legal interpreters with extensive experience in providing interpreting and translation services to clients in the legal sector. We provide professional language services to Tribunals, Court appearances for Family Law, Civil and Criminal litigation, Arbitration and Mediation, Investigations, Hearings, Immigration in Sydney and Brisbane.


ATL specializes in providing rare languages for the Courts, and goes above and beyond to satisfy all rare interpreting needs. We regularly send interpreters to assist clients in trials in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team of Interpreters are comfortable Civil, Criminal and Commercial litigation cases; and our team or coordinators can find the right linguist for you. With regular formations and in house training of our interpreters, ATL delivers a superior quality service in all legal matters required by our clients. We also provide translations for the Police and Border Force, contractual translations, audio & video transcript translations.



ATL has over 30 years’ experience working with the biggest Worker’s Compensation groups. Our interpreters assist workers in getting back to work through rehabilitation and injury management. Through our exclusive network of competent language professionals, we can cater NAATI interpreters to most cities in Australia.


Our panel of interpreters and professional translators is accustomed to working with personal injury claim law firms, medico-legal centers (such as Medicine Legal). We also send trained and skilled interpreters to deal with psychiatric centers.



We also translate documents destined for private use. If you wish to migrate, study, or work in Australia, any personal document that you translate needs to bear the NAATI accreditation stamp.


Every month we help thousands of people across Australia with their document translations. Request a translation or get a quote to translate your documents with us today! Government bodies, Australian universities, colleges and employers require document translations to be done by a NAATI certified professional.


The most common document translations are:

• Birth Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Death Certificates
• Divorce Certificates
• Police Checks and Police Reports
• Identification Cards (ID)
• University Degrees
• Academic Transcripts
• School Diplomas
• Passports



Here at ATL we deal with many large corporate translation and interpreting jobs. We can translate any documents, ranging marketing material, contracts, websites to brochures and business reports. We also assist investigation companies and private investigators (PI) on the field. Our corporate clients include banks and insurance companies such as NRMA, Allianz, GIO, QBE, etc…


Our interpreters are trained for over the phone and immediate teleconference, and some of our interpreters can provide simultaneous interpreting. We’ve already helped dozens of businesses and firms across Australia with their translation and interpreting needs. Need an interpreter? Book an interpreter with us today or get a quote.



The strong experience of our staff together and our strong relationship with our Interpreters and Translators, allows ATL to provide you with high quality services. We also have very rigorous quality control procedures in place. This lets us maintain the highest quality standards possible.


Credentials and Police Checks of our interpreters are carefully monitored and controlled by ATL’s system as well as staff. The administrative system alerts our coordinators to check when a date of validity has expired, after which the interpreter’s profile is updated with the new certificate or disqualified from ATL’s database.


The quality of our services is carefully monitored through monthly reports. Over the last 6 months we successfully provided an interpreter in 99.7% of total bookings and our interpreters attended 99.6% of total bookings (delay of over 30 minutes or failure to attend). The reliability and experience of our interpreters and coordinators is what really sets us apart as a professional translation agency.


If a complaint is lodged against an interpreter, ATL ensures that it is registered in the Comments section of the interpreter’s profile, which then shows up as an alert to our coordinators when they are allocating an interpreting assignment. Interpreters receive warnings for serious complaints, and are ejected from the system if their behavior does not improve.